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Getzner's Sylomer® is one of the premiere materials in the world for the isolation of vibrations. Working together with regional partners, Getzner's specialists offer customized, all-around project solutions. For example, it is possible to achieve effective noise protection by installing suspended ceilings. In rooms affected by vibrations, comfort can be ensured using professionally installed Sylomer® materials. There are nine standard types of Sylomer® available for use. The properties of the materials can also be modified for special requirements.

Material properties:

  • - Mixed cell structure
  • - Static load range of 0.011 N/mm2 to 1.2 N/mm2
  • - The limit load of up to 6.0 N/mm2
  • - No significant amplitude correlation
  • - Proved its performance lasting
  • - Material fatigue strength test
  • - Product Type (divided into 10 standard type) optimized to fully meet the computing needs of the system
  • - Customized special requirements are also possible