SuperGrip Top Belting

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Eagle SuperGrip Top (SGT) Belting - incorporating high grip, low wear top surfaces. Ideally suited for ceramic,wood processing and corrugated conveying applications.
 Polyurethane 80A,85A,89A,and 90A base durometers
• Polyester 40D base durometer
• Non-reinforced (SGT) and reinforced (RSGT) versions
• PVC SuperGrip Top for high grip - non abrasive materials
• Polyurethane (PU) SuperGrip Top for heavier duty - highly abrasive materials
• Proprietary Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) Super Grip Top with nearly the grip of PVC and the wear of polyutethane
• Integrally bonded top cannot delaminate
• Custom base and top surfaces available on request
• A varuety of colours durometers,and top surfaces are availabl
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