Endless & Coating

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manufactured without joints and splices, for high performance driving,
conveying, and special power transmission applications.
- Homogeneous 
- Flexible 
- Quiet running 
- Reduced preload 
- Good dynamics
- Highly efficient 
- Speeds up to 150 m/s possible 
- Long service life 
- Improved shock absorption 
- Can be used as overload protection
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Product Type: 



  • The coatings are truly endless, without any joint – no seam or splice!
  • The surface of the coating is grinded.
  • On request we can work the coating, for example with cross grooves, longitudinal grooves, vacuum holes, etc.
  • We can coat on timing- and poly-V-belts in sleeves form of minimum 200 mm width.
  • The coated sleeves will be cut to the requested belt width.
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